Residential electricity generator P 11000

  • Pramac P 11000
  • Power in stand-by LTP: 8.5/10.6 kw/kwa;
  • Variable power COP: 8.0/10.0 kw/kwa;
  • Motor: YANMAR;
  • Model: 3TNV70;
  • Cooling system: water/antifreeze;
  • PHS engine preheating system for winter season;
  • Fuel used: diesel.

Residential electricity generator P 11000

The Metatools mobile service team has delivered, installed and commissioned a Pramac P 11000 power generator. After completion of PIF-specific work, voltage drop and operating tests have been performed. P-type generators offer low noise, full housing, auto intervention panel and automatic or remote start-up connector. Strict standards on user reliability and safety are two of the features that define the Pramac residential generating sets.

You do not have to turn the generator on or off as it automatically detects the power failure and the voltage returns from the mains. From 4 to 14 kVA, gasoline or Diesel, generators are a long-term sustainable investment, and in this respect Metatools provides you with customized power solutions for your home.

STAND-BY power (LTP) – represents the rated power of a generator group delivered under a variable load without overload for up to 500 hours of operation per year.

Continuous Power (COP) – represents the rated output power to the constant load for an unlimited number of operating hours per year.